Fujiclean ATU wastewater systems

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Southern’s Water Technology are pleased to announce that we can once again offer our customers the best quality self-contained waste water plant in WA. We can supply and install the Fujiclean Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) to treat all the sewerage and effluent from your new or existing house. In addition to the domestic sized unit, there is also larger models available for commercial applications.

What is a Fujiclean?

A Fujiclean is an Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) that is sized to treat all the wastewater from a conventional domestic household. An ATU is a tank, generally buried under the ground that utilises settling, biological breakdown and aeration to get all household wastewater to a clean, low nitrate and low phosphate state so it can be safely disposed of through an irrigation system. The units are designed to be an alternative to a septic tank and leach drain system and are suitable in areas where:

  • There is only a small footprint available, a leach drain and septic tank can consume a large area.
  • There is a high ground water table. In this case you are limited to an expensive and complicated inverted leach drain and septic tank with a pump or an ATU.
  • There is a sensitive environment close by. This includes being in close proximity to wetlands, water courses, drinking water catchments etc. In these cases an advanced ATU (like a Fujiclean) is the only solution if you want to build.
  • You have a limited water supply for irrigation of your garden or you would like to reuse some of your household wastewater on your gardens.

The water can be used for a specific part of your garden and there needs to be 150m2 of irrigation installed with the unit to cater for the waste water needs.

The benefits of a Fujiclean are:

  • There is no unit on the Australian market that can treat your household waste water to a higher quality than a Fujiclean.
  • They are made in Australia, they come with a 15 year guarantee on the structure and 2 years on the electrical components.
  • They have very few moving components, only an air blower and water pump. So they are very reliable.
  • They don’t have complicated filter elements or media beds so they are very unlikely to get blocked up.
  • They are the product of 50 years of research and development from the parent company in Japan. There are over 2 million Fujiclean ATU’s installed and operational worldwide.
  • The units are nearly silent, they do not smell and they work fully automatically.


Are there different models available?

There are a couple of sizes available, especially for commercial sized requirements. In the domestic sized applications, there is only one unit, the CE-1500EX.

The CE-1500 EX is designed for 1500L/day of wastewater, which is the equivalent of 10 adults as you generally use 150L of water per day on average. When the loading is for less than 10 adults, then the units simply adapts water levels and throughput to control the flow of waste water.

Once you get higher than 1500L/ day in your loading then you really need to look at either twin systems or one of the larger commercial units. There are 2 main commercial units the CE4200 and the CE6000, they cater for waste demands of 4200L/day (21 persons loading) and 6000L/day (30 persons loading) and beyond this systems can be manufactured for 10m3 to 60m3 per day which means we can cater for locations with a loading of 300 persons totally off sewer.

What do you use a Fujiclean for?

A Fujiclean is designed for areas where your building does not have access to reticulated sewerage. In the past, the only major options available were to install septic tanks and leach drains or to use a storage tank for waste water and tanker it away for treatment when the storage is full.

With the Fujiclean ATU you can take all your household wastewater and treat it on site. Once the water is treated all the wastewater comes out from the unit as raw irrigation quality water that you use to keep your garden green.

How does a Fujiclean work?

The Fuji Clean CE-1500EX

The Fuji Clean CE-1500EX


The unit is a double skin fibreglass tank which is buried in the ground. The only parts youe see are the control unit cabinet (a small dome) and the 3 hatches, everything else is out of sight. The interior of the unit is constructed of poly ethylene (PE) and is inert so they will not deteriorate with exposure to sewerage. The internals of the unit consists of a with 4 separate chambers:

  1. Chamber 1 is the raw blackwater and settling chamber. The raw sewerage enters the unit in this chamber. The recirculation of sludge and some water back into this chamber and the self levelling effect causes solids to break down and settle out. The water component is still quite dirty and moves downward into the entry of stage 2.
  2. Chamber 2 is the anaerobic chamber, in this chamber the waste water is starved of oxygen. The water passes through a plastic mesh structure that has encourages anaerobic bacterias to consume the nitrates from the waste. These nitrates are converted to nitrogen and blow off into the atmosphere. The water then moves up and over a weir into stage 3.
  3. Chamber 3 is the aerobic chamber where the water is directed downward through another mesh structure and it is subjected to intense aeration. This removes the phosphates from the water and allows any last breakdown of solids. The water is then pushed up into a central storage column.
  4. Chamber 4 controls the level of the whole system. It does this through an airlift pump, which returns some water back to the first chamber with any built up sludge and allows clean water in excess to fall over a last weir, through a chlorine dosing point and into the clean water tank.
  5. Once the clean water tank is full, a float switch triggers the pump to start and the tank is emptied out through the irrigation system into your garden. Once the tank is empty the pump stops.

The irrigation system is generally always subsurface dripline and is used to water an area of either grass or orchard. Unfortunately you are unable to use the water for ground crops or vegetables due to the contamination risk as the water can still have sewerage residues in it. The irrigation system comes with the installation of the unit.


What are the costs involved?

The approximate costs involved in setting up the unit are:

The approximate costs involved in setting up the unit are:

  1. The Fujiclean Unit $11,155 inc. GST.
  2. Prepare and submit Application and plans to shire for approval,  Free.
  3. Shire charges for application $236
  4. Excavation and plumbing connection $2500
  5. Electrical connection $750
  6. Supply and install 150m2 Irrigation system (Single station) $1750.
  7. Commission $250

The total cost of installing and setting up a unit comes to around $16,640 inc GST to install in the South West.

The servicing costs are about $520 per year and it normally costs about 27c/day to run.


As part of the installation licensing, the unit is required to be serviced at least once every 3 months. This is a fixed price service and involves degassing and desludging the system and checking all components are working properly. Currently this costs $130 per service.

About every 5-8 years, the unit needs to be desludged. This involves getting a suck truck and when the service is carried out, the residual sludge is removed to waste disposal. The timing of that is determined at the servicing as we test the levels. This can cost between $500-$1200.


The Fujiclean ATU system is the most advanced and best engineered domestic sewerage system on the market in Australia today. We highly recommend that you consider it as a part of your new home build or renovation to protect your local environment and improve waste footprint of your household. Call us today on (08) 9721 3577 or email us to discuss the options for you.