Mobile Servicing and Install



Southern’s Water Technology are the only specialists in the South West to offer full mobile servicing and install of water equipment. We have 4 licensed and experienced technicians who can travel the South West to repair, maintain and install your pump, irrigation, filtration and pool gear and we employ a full time service manager to oversee the operation.

Our technicians have a combined 30 years experience in the full product range we sell, be it a Davey house pump, a Grundfos Industrial pump or a water treatment system or house filter. When you call and speak to our service staff, you will be speaking to someone who knows exactly what is needed to fix the problem With our comprehensive customer database, we will have your customer history laid out so we know what parts to bring and what should be required to fix the job.


Maintenance Program

The other service Southern’s can offer to customers is scheduled maintenance. Give your pumps, filtration equipment and irrigation system an annual check over by an experienced technician. This will find if there are any small problems before they become bigger and more expensive. At the same time we can also change over house filters and UV steriliser parts, change filter media for your softener, calcite filter or pool filter and check your tank to make sure there are no problems.

We are now also doing pool maintenance and repairs. We can come to site, check your pool equipment’s operation, skim the pool, do a water test to check the balance and if needed get your pump, filter or chlorinator repaired in a fast and efficiently. We are the main agent service agent for Davey Pool pumps, filters and Chlorinators in Bunbury and the South West and have trained, licensed and experienced technicians and a fully equipped workshop to get those repairs done.


Water Tank Cleaning

Another service that we are also now offering our clients is water tank cleaning. We have developed water tank cleaning equipment to easily clean the built up sludge from the bottom of your rainwater tank and leave it clean and clear. This process is done with a minimal amount of water loss and allows you to virtually straight away use the tank again for your household water.



Southern’s Water is the only water equipment business with a full time installation crew. We come to site throughout the South West and have the machinery, equipment and expertise to install pumps, water filtration, water treatment, water tanks and irrigation systems. We organize the parts, the design, the site works and commission the system. Then our experienced technicians teach you how to operate and maintain the system so it will serve you for many years.

Southern’s Water Technology guarantees optimum performance for any new water system or equipment.


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