Pipe hydrostatic pressure testing

When installing underground pipework it is very important for it to undergo a hydrostatic pressure testing prior to commissioning. Depending on if the pipe is for private use, or in a commercial, industrial or utility setting, then there may be different requirements to what the pipe needs to be able to achieve prior to use. The material the pipe is made from is also very important, whether its a steel, PVC or polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. Also the way in which it is constructed changes what needs to be tested for,and the pipes size and pressure rating also determine what needs to be tested.

Southern’s Water Crew Testing a 450mm HDPE Sewer Main

There are a range of standards for hydrostatic pressure testing of pipes , namely AS/NZS 1462.6 and AS2033 as well as internal methods and standards which are required by companies, utilities and emergency services to ensure the pipe that is being installed will hold the pressure that its required to hold and not burst or leak.

At Southern’s Water Technology, we not only install, weld and supply commercial, industrial and agricultural pipework, we also can come out to your work site and pressure test pipework. Our fully equipped crew can travel to most parts of Western Australia and carry out the required tests on newly installed and older pipework to ensure that the pipes can comply with their required operating pressures. Initially our technical sales staff will work with site engineers and supervisors to ensure that the contract and standard measurement methods of hydrostatic pressure testing are going to comply with requirements and then we will form a customized testing plan and method statement that works for the client.



Installation and welding of pipework.

Once the pipe is ready to be tested and all methods are agreed to, then our operations crew will travel to site and undertake the  hydrostatic pressure testing. We can also provide customized dead plates, air relief valves and other fittings so that the tested section of pipe will be complaint. All our equipment is properly calibrated and once completed, we will provide all required reporting and results including method statements, HSE documentation, results sheets and calibration certification. This provides your team with peace of mind that the pipework that has been installed will work properly for your customer will last for many years.

For all your pipework and pipe testing needs give our sales staff a call on 08 9721 3577 or sales@southernswater.com.au