Water Filtration

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Water Filters: Many Types and Styles Available

There are many types and styles of water filters. They all remove impurities from your water in different ways. They generally usually use a media such as fibre, paper or sand to capture the suspended material or microorganisms and some chemicals and allow good quality water to pass through. Our wide range of filters can be used for everything from your drinking water, to your swimming pool and even pond water .

Water Filters: How They Work

The various Water Filter systems that are available are all designed to carry out different tasks with various water qualities and under various flow and pressure rates. Generally, filters use either absorption, straining or particle exchange to remove the impurities required. This fills the filter medium with the residue from the feed water. Once the media is at its capacity, then it is either replaced with a new cartridge (if disposable) or is backwashed to clean it. Back washable filters are available in a vast range of  flow rates and applications and can either be manual or automatic operation.


A water filter system is selected by working out what the water quality is and what the desired quality and volume that is required. By first testing the water quality, which we do in house, then the correct filter system can be specified to provide to simplest and most cost effective solution possible.

Water Filters: What Southern’s Water Can Do For You

Now that you know how water filtration works, it is wise to understand what Southern’s Water Technology can do for you? We have been working with and supplying water filters for over 35 years in the local Bunbury area.

We are the largest, one-stop shop for all your water filter needs, both residential, commercial and industrial. Whether you’re just looking for drinking water filters, an entire house or a factory system, our professional team will work on a plan for you.

You don’t need to waste your time shopping around for suppliers and contractors. We do it all. From designing and engineering a system that’s right for your location, sourcing the water filters you need, through to a complete install of your water filters and service in the future, you can be sure it will be done right and to the highest standards.water filters

Suppliers of Water Filters

The water filter manufacturers we use are the best in the market. They include:

    • Davey Water Treatment; Quality UV treatment and filtration equipment built tough for Australian conditions.
    • Pentair Water; Recognised worldwide for quality water filtration and treatment equipment for residential, commercial or industrial.
    • Watermart; Quality filter cartridges and housings at an affordable price.
    • Puretec; nationally recognized, specializing in water filtration.
    • Crystal Clear; offering high quality, affordable products.
    • Triangle Waterquip; fully & semi-automatic and manual filtration systems.

Give us a call today and let us help you determine exactly what water filters you need at an affordable price. We stand by our products and labour with at least a 1-year guarantee on everything we do for you in relation to installing and servicing your water filters.