Every Type of Water Treatment in One Place

Southern’s has all possible water treatment solutions to fix any water quality problem. We’re the only source in the South- West for a full range of products in stock and the service to back them up. Southern’s ensure that your water treatment is done right the first time.

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Our professional and knowledgable staff can assist you with any problem or concern regarding water treatment. No matter if it’s just the chemicals you need added to your water, or a whole of house water treatment system, Southern’s has a solution for you. We can design, supply, install, repair and service. We have the largest range of equipment and spares in the South-West and the mobile technicians to keep your system running.


What Is Water Treatment?

Everyone needs water treatment of some kind. Water by its nature has many minerals, chemicals, pollutants and microbes in it, no matter if it comes from a bore, a dam or a tank. To make this water into usable water for drinking, household, irrigation or commercial use means removing the contaminants from the water. To begin the raw water needs to be tested so that the chemical and biological makeup of the sample is known. Following that, the required quality and use of the water must be determined, then a treatment method can be selected.

Water treatment involves adding treatment chemicals, passing the water through treatment machinery or handling it in a certain way so that the water quality is safe to use.


Water Treatment Methods

There are two ways in which your water can be treated, by chemical or physical means. Chemical treatment involves dosing a chemical to help remove or destroy contaminants or microbes in the water. An example of this is dosing chlorine to kill bacteria or adding a flocculant to remove tanning and fine particles.

Physical treatment of water involves using a device to either alter or remove contaminants from the water or to destroy or remove bacteria. An example of this is UV treatment of water to kill bacteria making it safe to drink or a water softener to remove iron and lower hardness.


Available Systems

  • Bore Water Treatment – turn poor quality underground water into potable mains supply
  • Tannin Removal – removes brown colouration from plant decomposition
  • Iron Flocculation – removes iron and other metals dissolved in water
  • Water Softening – removes calcium, magnesium, iron and other chemicals from hard water
  • Algae Control – removes algae buildup in ponds and aquariums
  • UV Sterilisation – kills micro-bacteria
  • Ozone Generators – injects ozone into water to reduce odor
  • Chlorine Injection – keeps water from becoming contaminated
  • Grey and Black Water Systems – treatment systems that breakdown and remove nutrients, bacteria and sediments from waste and sewerage water making it usable in a modern water efficient garden

Take the hassle out of your water treatment and rest assured you won’t have to worry about it again. Call Southern’s today on (08) 9721 3577 and we’ll take care of your every water treatment need.