Water Tank Repairs

When a big storm hits.

Southern’s Water Technology has the expertise and equipment to carry out repairs on all types of water tanks. We are able to repair and refurbish both steel liner tanks and concrete tanks and can repair and replace poly liners of all sizes and brands. We can also repair and renovate your concrete tank to get it back into working order again and we specialise in repairing and replacing tank roofs on both large steel and cement tanks.

Steel liner tank repairs

While steel liner tanks are the modern choice because they can hold a lot of water and have a long working life, sometimes a simple repair can get a few more years out of your tank without having to go to the expense of replacing the entire tank. We are able to repair damaged liners, damaged roof sheets, corroded roof trusses and leaking valves and outlets. We can also repair and replace downpipes and drainage lines to make your system more effective at catching the rainwater.


Tank Liner replacement and repair

As with all Steelfab tanks, we have a very large size range that we can select from. When it comes to tank liners, we are able have a new Bartlett’s tank liner made to exactly the correct size with a very fast turn around. The liners are a very high quality Australian made Bartlett’s liner which are light, very strong and food grade material. We can come to site, dewater your old tank, remove the roof and trusses and then replace the old liner. Once completed, if required we can repair or replace other worn or damaged components and then reassemble your tank. As with all liners new tank or old we will need to put some water into it immediately to weight the tank down to prevent it moving or getting damaged if there is strong winds before the rain can fill it.

We are also able to repair small holes and leaks in tank liners. If the problem is only a small hole or perhaps a weld has broken or been pierced by a root, then we are able to fix it. Once the tank is dewatered, we remove some of the roof sheets, then peel back the liner from the wall and floor. Once the liner is accessible, we are able to locate the leeks and carry out the repairs on the liner material. The repair patches are generally stronger than the actual liner material on some of the older tanks and will be able to last until the tank is worn out.

The finished product

Concrete tank repairs

As with all types of water tanks, concrete tanks suffer wear and tear and sometimes need to be fixed. The main damage that occurs with concrete tanks are small to fairly large cracks and the leaks that go with this. As concrete tanks are reinforced, then collapse is fairly uncommon but leaks and the subsequent loss of water is quite common. We have a number of materials that we can use both wet and dry to repair leaking concrete tanks and allow you to return them to their former strength and volume. We have to remove the roof and carry out a fairly thorough cleaning for the repairs to happen. Once this has happened, we then empty the tank and can carry out locating and repairing the main leaking cracks. Sometimes the main leak can be across the floor of the tank and covered with sludge so it does pay to do the clean and repair everything properly as you don’t want to suddenly lose all your water in the middle of summer.

Tank roof replacement

Another type of common repair that is essential to the quality and safety of the water in your tank is the roof. Most roofs in both steel and concrete tanks are made from corrugated steel roof sheets suspended on reinforced steel roof trusses. When a storm or falling tree or other object happens, then there can be a significant amount of damage that can occur to the roof of your tank.

To repair your tank, we first remove the damaged or worn sheeting. Unless the tank is nearly new, then we also remove and replace the roof trusses. While this can be expensive, we have found that while things may look in good condition, there is usually a reasonable amount of corrosion or damage and the trusses simply won’t last. We replace the trusses with quality engineered heavy galvanised steel trusses from Steelfab. These trusses can be modified to length if required and can made to fit tanks of all shapes and sizes.

Once the tank roof is cleared and the new trusses in place, we then replace the roof with new Zincalume or Colourbond steel roof sheeting which is cut to length for your tank size. The sheets are then fastened, trimmed to size and flashing is attached to the outside edges. This both seals the tank and makes the sheets harder to lift in high winds, it also makes the tank look a lot nicer. Following the roof completion, then a new access hatch and leaf basket hatch are cut into the roof where required and we can install an optional whirlybird on the roof too for keeping the water cooler and fresher.


Give our service department a call today on (08) 9721 3577 or email us to discuss getting your tank back into service doing what it was built to do.