Water Tanks and Water Storage

Southern’s Water has a wide range of options available to solve your water storage problem.

We can supply and install water tanks across the South West:

  • Sizes range from 500L to 2,000,000L
  • In poly tanks we sell and install the Rapid Plastics and West Coast Poly range these are generally for smaller applications 500L to 32,000L
  • In steel liner tanks we sell and install the Pioneer range of tanks. These tanks are for when you need a larger storage volume or a more sturdy storage option. The range goes from 12,000L up to 500,000L with custom designs and sizes up to 2,000,000 L. These tanks are WA made, high quality and come with a conditional 25 year warranty.
  • We can also repair steel and concrete tanks, repair and replace all sizes of tank liners and repair and replace steel roofs on tanks.

Our friendly sales staff can help you decide what is the most suitable product for your application, then we can assist with the site, the earthworks, the installation, the pumps, the pipes and filtration. If you want to do the job yourself, we can advise you on the the best option for the job, provide you with all the parts from our shop, the arrange for delivery to site. If you would rather an experienced and trained installer does the work, then our team can organise the whole project from selecting the layout and the colour, through to siting and installing the tank and getting the water running for you.

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Water Storage For Your Home

Whether you live in the suburbs or out of town, there is nothing like good, clean water straight from your own rainwater tank. In town it might be because you don’t like flavour of mains water and would rather drink clean rainwater. Once you get out into the country though your water tank is your lifeblood and making sure it is best suited to you needs is vitally important.

There are two main uses for water tanks, for long term storage or a large volume or storage of a smaller volume in a useful place on your property, it all depends on what you are using the water for. The water source can also vary, with the main sources being rainwater, bore water and dam water. Once water is in a storage, it can be used for drinking, household use (showers, cleaning, toilets), irrigation, animal water and for swimming pools.

Collection Volume

To select the correct tank for your needs, you need to initially know how much water you are going to use.  If it is for a house, then you need to budget about 200L per person per day, if it is for irrigation you need to discuss with a designer (like Southern’s Water) about what your expectations are for gardens and landscaping. Irrigation can be a very high water user (a lawn needs 30L/m2 of water through the peak of summer) so this may need its own lower quality water source. Once we know what your water usage is going to be like, then we can look at what the water sources that are available and how we can collect the water.

If you are wanting to capture rainfall, then the first step is to look at the roof area available and what your local rainfall is so you can calculate the potential runoff from your buildings. The way to calculate this is that for every 1mm of rain = 1L/m2 of roof area. So if your house and sheds combined equals 600m2 and your rainfall if 734mm per year (Bunbury’s average), then you should be able to capture 734 x 600 = 440,000L per year. This is what is theoretically able to be caught but as you will be using the water at the same time as you are filling the tank, then the required tank size is not as large as this.


If you don’t want to rely on rainwater as it can run short at the end of a long dry summer (like we have just had), then the next option is to use bore water for some or all of your needs. When selecting a tank to fill with bore water, it is more important that you know what you are trying to use the water for and how often you would like to fill the tank back up. If you are going to make the filling automatic with a float switch or valve, then the tank can be much smaller taking up less space.

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAConstruction Materials

The next thing to consider in selecting a tank is the construction material. In years past the majority or tanks were made from concrete or corrugated iron. These tanks while quite good are prone to corroding, cracking and reacting with the water that is stored in them. These days most tanks are either polyethylene “poly” tanks or a steel framed tank with a poly liner. The plain poly tanks are only able to be made up to 32,000L due to their structural strength and the limits of the factories. They are food grade, don’t taint the water and fairly cheap. They are also light and strong so they are easy to install and can take a beating without starting to leak.

Once you get to 30,000L, then you need to build your tank from steel with a food grade flexible poly liner. These tanks are very flexible in size and are built on site meaning they can be installed in very hard to access places. They can range in size from 25,000L up to 2,000,000L and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Both poly and liner tanks are both excellent long term water storages too as they generally come with a sealed roof and protected inlets and overflows. This means that animals, insects and sunlight will find it very difficult to gain access to the water and cause spoilage or worse, be dangerous to your health. Liner tanks can also have guttering fitted to them, so that you can capture extra rainwater off it to assist in keeping it full.


Southern’s Water very proudly supplies and installs the Rapid Plastics and West Coast Poly brands of poly tanks and the Rainchaser Tanks range. They are all high quality Western Australian made brands and are very well priced for the storage they provide. We can help to site and size up your tank for the house, the farm or commercial project and we have a team of mobile technicians who can install and maintain on site throughout the South West. We also have the best range of quality house pumps, filtration and water treatment in Bunbury and the South West, and with our repair workshop we can provide your family with complete peace of mind.

When it comes to installation, we can arrange for the earthworks to be done to prepare the site, we can come to site and install the tank, pump and pipework. If you need power to the site we can arrange with our contractor to get that installed to.

If you want hassle free water storage, then call our sales people today on (08) 9721 3577 or email us to discuss the options that are available for tanks.


We Also Clean Tanks!

A new service that Southern’s also offers its customers across the South West is tank cleaning. We are now able to vacuum clean water storage tanks to remove built up debris and improve the quality of your house or drinking water. Our team can clean the built up sediment from the bottom of your rain or bore water tank with a minimum of water loss and allow you to keep using your water without too much disruption. The process involves removing any large debris from the tank (sticks, dead animals etc) then our vacuum rig sucks the built up sediment off the floor of the tank and disposes of it to waste. This allows the remaining water to be used for its intended purpose minus the built up sludge and sediment. This also makes the water much easier to treat for drinking and easier to filter.

Call our service department today to discuss the maintenance and cleaning of your tank, pumps and filters.