Pioneer Steel Water Tanks

Southern’s now supply and install the Pioneer water tanks range. These well engineered tanks are manufactured in WA by a family owned business.

They are an exceptionally well engineered quality design with a large range of sizes, colours and finishes. The finish and look is second to none on the market and there is something to suit any requirements and budgets in sizes from 12,000L to 2,000,000L.

We can come to site, help you select the most suitable location for your new tank and plan the stormwater lines. If you need the earthworks and tank pad built, we can then organise our tradesmen to do these works for you.

Once the site is prepared, our installation crew come out to site with all the materials and erect the tank on site. Once built, the tank then has to have some ballast water placed in it to keep it from blowing away and the edge of the tank needs blue metal spread around it to assist with runoff drainage and prevent erosion under the tank walls.


We can also supply and install the down pipes, guttering and stormwater lines to get your tank filling correctly. Once the tank is full we have a very competitive and wide range of Davey and Grundfos House pumps and a large range of filtration options so you can be up and running in no time at all.

The pad is prepared and the walls are being built.

The tank

Our tanks are designed and built  to be able to withstand the harsh Australian climate. This stringently engineered Pioneer GT series water tank is designed to give Australian farmers, rural property owners and commercial customers a safe, reliable water storage solution. It is designed to perform well with excellent structural integrity and minimal movement of the liner. The design is robust and suitable for remote situations with a liner that is capable of being repaired while either wet or dry, so if a leak does start then a minimal amount of water is lost in the repair process.


Features of the tank include:

  • Wall heights from 1.7m to 3.2m
  • Total diameters from 2.6m to 14.0 m
  • Constructed from a choice of Zincalume, Colourbond, or Powder coated steel
  • 50mm outlet with full flow poly ball valve
  • 50mm fire outlet with full flow poly ball valve and camlock adaptor
  • 50mm overflow with PVC overflow pipe to ground level and away from the tank 1 metre
  • Sliding access hatch fitted to the roof
  • Steel filter box with sliding covers and insect proof screen
  • Patented bolt cover caps to all tank bolts giving a superior finish.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized trusses for longevity of the roof support system
  • Conditional 20 year guarantee.

All tanks have the quality 5 layer Aqualiner polyethylene tank liner which is manufactured exclusively for Pioneer in Australia by Bartlett’s to Australian Standards AS4020; Drinking Water. The superior quality of the liner gives you complete peace of mind as it secures your water better than any other liner can. It’s strong and flexible and designed for a long life.

In rural areas, it’s now becoming more common to see multiple large capacity storage water tanks on properties especially where there is plenty of rain water catchment from multiple shed roofs. The main reason for this is that it is far more cost effective and affordable to install four 250,000 Litre tanks compared with the cost of installing a single 1,000,000 Litre tank. The other advantage of doing this is that you can always start with one tank and add to it when you are ready or you need the water.

The Pioneer water storage tank is an essential part of life in Australia , that helps preserve life and is an icon on the Australian landscape.

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