Norma Hose Clamps

Norma Hose Clamps

Southern’s Water Technology took a step forward in 2013 in complimenting our Quality hose range by becoming a Norma hose clamps distributor. NORMA Group is the world’s most innovative supplier of hose connection technology, with over 60 years development and engineering experience.

NORMA was founded in 1949, as RASMUSSEN GMBH (Germany). Its technically superior, customer-oriented and practical connecting and retaining elements have set the standard in quality. With these products, globally distributed under the brand name NORMA, Rasmussen GmbH has won a leading position in the connecting-technology market. Their experience in connecting and retaining technology has established NORMA globally recognized solution provider and innovative development partner.

NORMA Group boasts one of the world’s best-equipped laboratories, with outstandingly modern and innovative facilities. The laboratory conducts life cycle tests for all relevant applications, including water, fuel, exhaust, turbocharger and other air and gas applications.

Norma Cobra

Norma snap shut Cobra clamp in stainless steel.

It’s state-of-the-art test facilities support the development of new products and allow NORMA Group to test customer specifications.
Southern’s water technology keeps a full range of hose clamps in stock, covering various sizing requirements both in Worm Drive and Heavy Duty T Bolt clamps.

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