Quality Environex (Klen) Pool Chemicals at Southern’s

Quality Environex (Klen) Pool Chemicals at Southern’s

Southern’s Water are now offering to their customers a full range of quality Environex (Klen) pool chemicals.

We Have In Store A Full Range of pool chemicals including:

  • Pool Salt- for pools with a Salt Water Chlorinator
  • Liquid Chlorine- for when you need to quickly top up chlorine levels
  • Liquid acid- for dropping the pH level
  • Stabiliser- for keeping the chlorine levels in balance
  • pH Buffer- for slowly raising the pH and alkalinity
  • Algaecide- to kill off an outbreak of Algae
  • Flocculants- to drop suspended solids out making them easier to vacuum

We can offer you the most effective solution for your pool, drop into our Teede St Bunbury store today and we can provide you with a comprehensive pool water analysis in store  while you wait and give you a report on what to add and how to do it. We also have friendly sales staff who have years of expertise in water treatment and management so we will provide you with the good value for money solution that that works.

In addition our mobile service crew can come to site and assist in ensuring that your pool is operating to the best it can. And if there is a problem with the pump, the Chlorinator or the filter, we have the parts and knowledge to repair it quickly. Our aim is to provide complete peace of mind when it comes to your pool.