Rain Water Tank Cleaning

Southern’s is pleased to announce our latest service we can offer customers, water tank cleaning.

When your storage tanks has got a build up of sludge and dirt, we can come to site and get the insides of the tank clean again. We have developed the equipment so we can vacuum out the sludge and buildup from the bottom of your tank, leaving only clean, clear water.

This process will improve the safety and flavour of your stored rain or bore water making filters last longer, lowering the risk from bacterial contamination and getting rid of that dirty flavour left by the sludge that form in your tank from dirt, dust and broken down organic matter.

Tank photo

How does water tank cleaning work?

The cleaning process vacuums the bottom of your rainwater or bore water storage tank. This removes all the built up debris from iron, rotting leaves and plant matter and dust and dirt.

As part of the process, you do lose a bit of water out of the tank. The process removes the debris to waste and we prefer that the water that is used in the process is not returned to the tank. It is difficult to remove all the bacteria and organic matter from it and this will contaminate the clean, safe water that remains. Typically we expect to lose between 3000-5000L max. depending on the size of the tank.

We come to site fully equipped and in a matter of hours we have the tank free of sludge and debris. We will also check over the tank to make sure all leaf fliters and valves are working OK and give you a report on the condition of your tank.

Give our service department a call today on (08) 9721 3577 or email us to discuss getting your tank water back what it used to taste like.